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Results of the study Gender & ICT in Belgium 2015
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Michèle Mees, author of The Balanced Leader, is a highly acclaimed keynote speaker. She talks about transforming leadership, self-development and organizational change.
In 2012, Michèle gave keynotes and workshops at PNB Quality Congress Kuala Lumpur, WIN Global Conference Rome…

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Centre for Balanced Leadership image descriptionThe Balanced Leader Exploring the dynamics of masculine and feminine energy by Michèle Mees published by Yin Books.

“A highly inspiring book that is easy to read because it is based on practical experience and contains genuine tips which can be applied directly as an individual, manager or leader”
Christel Verschaeren, Director Global OCM & Europe CIO Organization, IBM

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Centre for Balanced Leadership

Partnership WITH The Gender Equality Project Centre for Balanced Leadership The Gender Equality Project

EDGE's mission is to introduce a global certification system and label to engage corporations across the world in fostering equal career opportunities for women and man in the workplace.

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We are comMitted

to fight against Breast Cancer
We support the Myny Vanderpoorten Foudation in raising funds for breast cancer research. The foundation supports the team of Prof. Caroline Weltens at UZ Leuven in setting up innovative research in radiotherapy for breast cancer patients.
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to empower women working in NGO's
We invite women working in NGO's to participate for free to our open training program Effective and Balanced Leadership for Women, because they do not have access to the same training and development budgets as women working in private or public companies.

Sharing experiences between private/public/non-profit organizations is very valuable to all participants in the training.
Bringing women together to learn from each other and get inspired is one of our key drivers.

Centre for Balanced Leadership