In a nutshell

The Centre for Balanced Leadership opts for a hands-on and integrated approach, combining top down and bottom up activities to achieve superior personal and business performance.

We bridge the knowing-doing gap by

  1. Putting inclusion, diversity, Balanced Leadership and gender balance on the strategic agenda
  2. Working with executive teams to define the outline of a balanced organization
  3. Driving cultural change
  4. Developing Balanced Leadership skills of men, women and mixed teams
  5. Increasing cultural and gender intelligence of managers
  6. Empowering women in leadership positions
  7. Offering female leaders access to our networks

Our methodologies and tools are innovative and creative. We have developed several games (The Balanced Leader Game®, The Stereotypes Game, several quiz formats) to address sensitive topics in a playful, relaxed and non-judgmental setting. Our Strategic Debates are set up as open collaborative Socratic discussions that create an inclusive environment in which meaningful and valuable exchanges take place.