Our team consists of experts in leadership development, Balanced Leadership, personal development and organizational change.
All coaches/consultants share the following profile

  • Have lived and/or worked in different countries
  • Have a successful corporate and/or business experience
  • Have worked in diverse international  work environments
  • Have different  educational and social backgrounds
  • Believe in the necessity  of creating inclusive corporate cultures as an enabler for the welfare and wellbeing of current and future generations and companies

Danielle Moens (co-founder)

Centre for Balanced Leadership image descriptionDanielle built up a successful sales and marketing career at Nashuatec for 10 years. After that she switched to property investment and started to retrain as a coach. Her career as a professional coach focused on increasing the understanding of and respect for gender and international differences.
She firmly believes in creating synergies in collaboration between people of different nationalities and gender.

Danielle lived in the Netherlands, France and Belgium. She has developed a helicopter view of the strengths and areas for development in these cultures and incorporates these in her view on people coaching and organizational development.

Danielle inspired the ideas of "The Balanced Leader. Exploring the dynamics of masculine and feminine energy", published by Yin Books in 2011.
She is Associate Certified Coach of the International Coach Federation and past board member of the Belgian Chapter. She is past board member of the vMA Management Association Brussels. She is part of the jury of the She Goes ICT Award. Danielle has three children.

Bruno Chevolet (expert)

Centre for Balanced Leadership Bruno ChevoletBruno Chevolet built up an extensive and diversified business experience in various senior management and joint venture Board positions in the European steel industry (HR and Change Management, Finance, Controlling and Business Intelligence, Joint ventures and Post-merger integration, Quality Management, Purchasing, Engineering).

He is a Civil Engineer (Gent) and has completed an Executive Master in Management from Solvay Business School and the Advanced Management Program from Insead Fontainbleau. He is also a certified consultant in Institutional Transformation from IFSI (Paris) together with the University of Bath.

Bruno has been a management consultant since 2009 and has developed a passion for improving performance of teams through increasing motivation level. He specializes in designing and leading transformation programs with a specific focus on team culture for achieving sustainable performance improvement, and also in counseling and coaching. Bruno has worked in Belgium, Luxemburg, Spain and is fluent in French, Dutch, English, German, Italian and Spanish.  He is an active member of IAGP, of Insead Alumni and of MaTRIS. In 2015, Bruno has co-created and co-directed the internal working conference Leadership, Contact & Conflict – working beneath the surface. Bruno has two daughters.

Michèle Mees (co-founder)

Centre for Balanced Leadership Michèle MeesMichèle Mees is co-founder of the Centre for Balanced Leadership.
Michèle built up an extensive and successful business experience. She started in the advertising industry, after which she was part of the launch team of two internet companies, and became partner in a marketing consulting company.

Michèle lived in the Netherlands and Belgium. She supports CEOs and management teams in creating a balanced organizational culture by developing feminine and masculine qualities. Her passion comes from her belief that this results in happier employees, stronger customer relations, high performing innovative teams and a more sustainable, respectful way of doing business.

Michèle is the author of "The Balanced Leader. Exploring the dynamics of masculine and feminine energy", published by Yin Books in 2011 and of various publication on marketing and advertising. She holds a Bachelor in Sociology, two Masters in Communication Sciences and in Marketing (Vlerick Management School), and is trained in "Strategic Diversity" at Radboud University Nijmegen and Business Coaching at School for Coaching and Leadership. She is part of the jury of the WoMenatWork Award and Hot Momma finalist 2011. Michèle has two children.

Pascale Ameye (co-founder)

Centre for Balanced Leadership Pascale AmeyePascale built up a multifunctional business experience in the fashion Industry in the Benelux and France. She was involved in sales, marketing and people management in retail and wholesale and contributed to the commercial start-up, creation and development of fashion brands and collections for medium to large companies.

Pascale worked in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg and France. She is an excellent organizer and a talented people connector. She runs the networks that are set up within the Centre for Balanced Leadership, and organizes events and programs. These networks are: FRESH (alumni network of women having followed training at CFBL), WISE (Women in ICT Sharing Experiences) and networks for women in finance and in the chemical industry and engineering.
Pascale studied Public Relations. She is mother to 2 children.

Professor dr. Elke Van Hoof (expert)

Centre for Balanced Leadership Professor dr. Elke Van HoofProfessor dr. Elke Van Hoof is an expert in resilience, stress and burnout. She is a clinical psychologist by training with specialization in psychodiagnostics, EMDR and biofeedback. For more than 10 years, Elke Van Hoof has been doing scientific research. She published in various internationally renowned scientific journals. The results of this research forms the corner stone of her work with individuals and companies.

Alongside her academic career, Elke Van hoof has an extensive and diversified business experience in senior management positions in public health and health care. She played a significant role in many Belgian public health policy plans. Elke has been a consultant since 2009 and has developed a passion for improving resilience in changing environment on a individual, team as well as organizational level. She has an eye for making diversity the driver of innovation with a focus on highly sensitive and highly gifted people. Her pragmatic, company-driven approach is very much appreciated.

Professor dr. Elke Van Hoof is fluent in Dutch, English and French. She worked in Belgium, The United States and the Netherlands. She is a member of the Belgian commission of psychologists and of the Belgian Federation of Psychologists. She is an advisor for governmental as well as non-governmental organizations. Elke has a daughter and a son.

Sylvie Verleye

Centre for Balanced Leadership Sylvie VerleyeSylvie Verleye is an expert in presentations. Her specialties are how to persuade a high level audience (especially when timing is limited), how to use PowerPoint in different presentation situations and how to tell your story in a powerful way in front of big audiences. She has interviewed 30 women in top positions in Belgium as research for her first book.

Sylvie has given training, workshops and coaching in different industries in Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Denmark and Lithuania. She is fluent in Dutch and English. Before her career as an executive presentation coach, she was an executive search consultant, HR consultant and TV presenter. Experiences she still uses in her training and coaching. Sylvie has 3 sons.

Siobhan Orton

Centre for Balanced Leadership Siobhan OrtonSiobhan Orton specializes in Talent Management, Diversity & Inclusion and Culture & Leadership Development. For the past 3 years, she has provided consulting services to international organizations in a variety of sectors.

As head of Talent Development for PepsiCo Europe she built Talent development strategy and led cultural change. Siobhan pioneered the D&I function in Europe and helped to shape the global strategy and approach. She nurtures both a passion and expertise in the D&I area and drives tangible change in the gender balance agenda. At PepsiCo she created ownership amongst the leadership team, built awareness amongst the 60,000 employee base and implemented a series of initiatives that were critical to driving culture change and balanced leadership. Examples include the global roll out of awareness building sessions via Train the trainer, creation of D&I council, and the launch of work life balance initiatives and D&I award scheme.

In her experience at TMME (Toyota Motor Europe) Siobhan built an understanding for cultural and ethnic diversity and inclusion and led the start-up of the headquarters in Europe.
Siobhan has UK nationality and lives Belgium with her husband and three daughters Zoe, Emma and Better. She has had an international career with assignments based from UK, Spain, Switzerland, Holland and Belgium.