Organizational level

We believe that companies who invest in creating inclusive cultures will be the leaders of tomorrow. They will be leaders in attracting, retaining and engaging the best talents. They will be strongly connected with their customers by having them represented at all levels and in collaborative formats. They will be more innovative due to the valued contributions of people with different views and experiences. They will achieve a better yield from their resources and hence will earn better margins. Their corporate brand will be connected to corporate responsibility, respect, social engagement and sustainable success. Their lighthouse identity will attract and reward shareholders. We believe this takes a cultural shift from predominantly masculine to balanced cultures in which the feminine, inclusive energy is valued and integrated.

Leadership level

Inclusive organizations can only be built by balanced leaders. These are leaders who recognize, value and develop the masculine and feminine energy in themselves and their teams. Balancing both dimensions will allow them to connect with the diversity in their company and in the marketplace, and to unlock the full potential it holds. Balanced leaders will be considered as responsible and trustworthy by all stakeholders.

Personal level

People working in an inclusive organization are more engaged and happier. They are invited continuously to contribute with all their talents. Their motivation is fuelled by a feeling of belonging, of being listened to and being rewarded for what they bring to the table. They feel empowered, confident, creative, stress free and are willing to go the extra mile if needed. The risks of bore-out, burnout,  disengagement and absenteeism will be significantly reduced.