MasterClass Personal Impact for Women

This practical and interactive workshop is designed to help women develop their personal performance when communicating or presenting one-to-one, in front of a small group, or for 100 people or more.

Centre for Balanced Leadership

Two experts in one day

  • Sylvie Verleye, Presentation Expert, author of “Stilte Ik Spreek!”
  • Michèle Mees, Partner Centre for Balanced Leadership, author of “The Balanced Leader”

Sylvie Verleye and Michèle Mees join forces in this unique and new 1-day high impact workshop to help you overcome your barriers and give memorable presentations. They have both experienced the power of developing yourself to become an excellent communicator, and are committed to helping women unleash their potential.

  1. This workshop will help you
  2. What can you expect?
  3. For whom?
  4. Practical
  5. 2 books includes

This workshop will help you

  • Stand out from the crowd and boost your visibility
  • Gain greater confidence in your personal style and learn to flex your style
  • Engage and motivate others  (individuals, teams, peers, management)
  • Increase your impact by influencing and persuading others

What can you expect?

  • Barriers holding you back: understand and take down the barriers holding you back
  • Inner strengths discovered: reconnect with your passion to unleash your energy
  • Understanding gender bias: use “gender intelligence” to flex your style
  • Personal branding: define how you want people to perceive you 
  • Focus on key messages when speaking: use ‘simpel’ structure
  • Connect with your audience: attract and gain the attention of the audience
  • PowerPoint efficiency: how to avoid the many pitfalls in PowerPoint
  • In company versus external presentations: innovating ideas to make your point

For whom?

Women who want to have a more professional attitude to managing their visibility, and who would like to understand and develop both the mindset and the skills needed to come across as a confident, passionate, charismatic and dynamic speaker.


  • Attendance fee, your signed copy of the 2 books included (excl. VAT): 550€
    Special fee 495€ in case of
    • “Early Bird” Registration (registration & payment 8 weeks before workshop)
    • “Bring a Colleague”
      (sign up with 2 or more colleagues from the same company)
    • FRESH Membership (Alumni network of Femco / Centre for Balanced Leadership)
  • Location: Centre for Balanced Leadership, Lindestraat 30, B-1785 Merchtem

Centre for Balanced Leadership