Balanced leadership for the 21st century

Companies are witnessing a shift towards collaborative teams operating in an increasingly virtually connected environment. Clients are increasingly demanding, they will become more involved in the company’s strategic choices and the co-creation of new products and services.

Leaders are needed in order to reconnect to employees and their changing needs and wants, to reconnect with customers and to create value from those connections.

Balanced leadership requires a new definition of good leadership. This definition values both heart and head. It goes beyond the traditional view of overvaluing predominantly masculine qualities and undervaluing predominantly feminine qualities. Both are present and available in every individual.

Balanced leaders are able to create a truly inclusive culture that thrives on the various insights and talents of all employees and other stakeholders to build sustainable solutions that are better for employees, clients and the society at large. Integrating masculine and feminine values and qualities in leadership allows leaders to tap into the full potential they have as an individual.

This means enhancing the capability to

  • Manage a growing diversity of the workforce (more women in top level positions, the disconnect between a younger generation and their ‘old school’ managers, increased cultural diversity, increased age diversity …)
  • Tap into a continued diversity of the marketplace (cultural diversity, global and virtual marketplace, shifts in customer segments…)
  • Evolve from a top down hierarchically structured corporate model to flattened structures of (virtual)teams in a networked environment
  • Boost creativity and innovative power of teams and companies
  • Tear down silo’s and start communicating more efficiently internally and externally
  • Redefine the company’s role and responsibilities in society


In this workshop we focus on self-development with the following topics:

  • The importance of balancing masculine and feminine values & qualities
  • Self-assessment on Balanced Leadership profile
  • How balanced is your company?


We have held this inspiring workshop at JUMP Forum Brussels 2012, WIN Global Conference 2012, JUMP Forum Paris 2013, JCI, vMA, Deloitte, ING, Siemens, and many others.