Can you change your company?
4 Keys to becoming an agent of change

Discover the 4 Steps that will enable you to become a change agent for a new culture, in which masculine and feminine qualities together ensure an inclusive and diverse workforce.

Why is it that 10+ years of efforts to create better gender balance in companies have not delivered sustainable results? Are men actively blocking the boardroom door for women? Are top women Queen Bees who stop other women from advancing? Are women not tough enough to make it to the top?

This workshop focuses on the crucial role corporate culture plays in achieving breakthrough changes, and the role of every individual in making this change possible. Culture is made tangible in a number of ways. For instance in how your company defines ‘ambition’, or in who is considered as being a good leader.  Informal culture plays an important role… what is the official and the informal discourse on gender?

During the workshop you will experience seeing corporate culture through new eyes.
Elements of the workshop include:

  • Seeing a new reality
  • Sensing your personal role in sustaining or challenging the current corporate culture (with our corporate culture typology)
  • Staying close to your personal drivers and motivations
  • Starting to make a change


This is also an inspiring and useful workshop to hold for the members of the women’s network, as they are all path makers and agents of change. We can add specific elements to the workshop to customize it and also make it a format to build the team.
We have held this workshop at JUMP Forum Brussels 2013, WIN Global Conference 2013.