Balanced Leadership skills

Balanced leaders have recognized, valued, developed and integrated both their masculine and feminine inner poles. This requires a focus on personal development and the courage to step out of one’s comfort zone.

Balanced leaders are open, collaborative and can allow themselves to be vulnerable. They can show emotions and make real connections with people. They do not claim to have all the answers. They are excellent communicators, not because they are brilliant reasoners, but because they are very good at listening. Balanced leaders are authentic and committed, put people first, create pleasure in work, are willing, modest and inspire others to develop.

A balanced leader is recognized by the values and skills he/she advocates and actually demonstrates.

Balanced Leadership® values and skills model


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Advantages for managers of developing Balanced Leadership® skills

  • Develop Balanced Leadership skills
    • Personal insights in own strengths and weaknesses, development needs and ideal learning path (self discovery and self assessment)
    • Design own development path
    • Develop coaching skills to help team members to advance and grow as professionals
  • Create and stimulate awareness on the key elements of an inclusive culture
    • Recognize and understand gender (and other) differences from a Balanced Leadership perspective
  • Be able to assess the culture of the team, develop ideas and share best practices to bring more balance to the team culture
    • Assessment of team culture in terms of balance masculine / feminine values and qualities over- and underused
    • Identification of key strengths and key development needs of the team
  • Share individual progress and discovery with peers, peer learning and coaching
    • Put coaching skills into practice
    • Develop strong bonds with peer group members