Gender balance

One of the building blocks to set up a balanced organization is creating a better gender balance throughout the different levels and functional domains of the company.


Creating gender balance is about attracting, retaining and developing talent. But it's also about customer relations, research, development, creativity and innovation and richer decision-making processes. Gender balance affects all dimensions of a business, not just HR. So it’s a question of strategy and long-term vision.


To succeed, we need to embed gender balance in the existing policy and reporting structures. There is little point positioning gender balance as something separate from day-to-day business. It needs to be incorporated in the mission and vision, in the strategic planning process, in implementation planning and scorecards for evaluation and monitoring.


This is why the commitment of the top of the organization is so important. So long as gender balance is entrusted to an HR officer as a special project, but has no place in the boardroom, nothing fundamental will change.


Our framework for creating gender balance:

Centre for Balanced Leadership gender balance