Individual coaching

Coaching is an interactive process between coach and coachee resulting in different behavior, better results and overall a positive feeling of advancement, achievement and belief in oneself.
Our ambition is to help individuals grow so they can achieve their full potential and be happier in doing so. That’s why we invest time in developing long term relations based on mutual respect and trust.

We coach female managers in order to empower them, help them increase impact and visibility on the organization, and to make them more aware of masculine, feminine and Balanced Leadership styles.

We coach male managers in order to help them become more aware of feminine and masculine qualities in management and to help them develop their own authentic and Balanced Leadership style.

Our goal is to also develop coaching capabilities during every individual coaching assignment, allowing every coachee to become more aware of his/her own management style and coaching skills.

Exploring new behaviour and new ways of thinking requires stepping our of your comfort zone.  Your coach is there to ensure a safe yet challenging journey. Gradually you’ll become more aware and more secure about your personal leadership style and the opportunities this reveals for advancement and for integrating your masculine and feminine inner poles. You’ll feel confident in applying new behaviour. You’ll inspire others to do the same.
Personal coaching creates an impact on the life of the coachee, and that of his/her team members. The movement you create as a coachee will inevitably touch and influence those around you (employees, peers, management, clients…).