Leadership development

Balanced Leadership Development Program

Balanced leaders use both their masculine and feminine qualities and competences. This enables them to connect better to employees, customers and other stakeholders. They unlock the full potential of diversity. By achieveing a better balance between their masculine and feminine inner poles they encourage others to do the same. Balanced leaders are better equipped to deal with future challenges such as increased diversity in the workplace and customer base, collaborative and creative environments. They are highly valued by team members and succeed in developing the full potential of their teams.

Many corporate and business environments have traditionally placed a heavy emphasis on masculine components of leadership. This resulted in the opt-out of female managers who left the corporate world because they felt unappreciated or unfit to respond to the masculine role model. It also resulted in the creation of rather uniform mainly masculine management teams in which managers with a more balanced style were less powerful.

Our Balanced Leadership Development Program is designed for men and women, and helps them to re-discover and re-use specific qualities that are crucial for future-proof leaders, but have remained underdeveloped in many organizations. Balanced Leadership is about recognizing, valuing and using both your masculine and feminine inner pole. 

The program starts with an individual and/or team assessment, depending on the set up. Check our training calendar for the next open sessions or contact us if you would like to organize these sessions in-company.